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26 August 2021Functional bakery equipment from Magorex

Our mission is to equip each plant with modern bakery equipment, the quality of which is beyond doubt. We make all accessories ourselves in our machine park. We don’t stop trying to meet the current needs of the industry. Check how we work and in which direction we are going today.
Producent sprzętu dla piekarni i cukierni Magorex

Modern machinery park

It all started in the early 1990s when we undertook the production of the specific tray for a foreign customer. Today we are the market leader and we focus on development first. We do everything to increase our efficiency and speed up the time of order fulfilment. That is why we constantly modernize and expand our machine park. After 30 years of experience, we can open another plant dedicated exclusively to pressed baking forms. We are also launching a new line for the production of peelboards for proofing bread.

We are glad that the hard work has brought results and appreciation from our partners. We want Magorex bakery equipment to fully meet their needs. We are also constantly looking for new, even better solutions. What are we most proud of? What materials and technologies do we base on?

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Bakery equipment from Magorex. New solutions

Modern bakery equipment is a combination of current trends and timeless solutions. It guarantees control over the baking process, repeatability, high quality and safety.

After years of experimenting and trying, we understand what works best. All products from our catalogue are made to make the operations in bakeries and confectioneries as easy as possible.

We use materials resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and deterioration under the influence of chemicals, such as aluminium, AluSteel, BlueSteel, stainless steel and carbon steel. We do not hesitate to use more advanced techniques and carefully follow the current market trends.

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Sprzęty i maszyny do piekarni od Magorex

How is Magorex bakery equipment made?

Our customers need bakery equipment with a non-standard shape or slightly different perforation very often. Then we prepare the equipment under the received guidelines. During the first consultations, our sales advisors suggest what will work best and how to solve the encountered difficulties. Only then do we proceed to design, manufacture and quality control. Each of these stages is supervised by our team of experienced experts.

Thanks to the technologies we use, we can offer almost unlimited solutions for individual clients. We believe that the bakery equipment should adapt to the business profile and the type of baking. So we are open to new ideas and bold, unexpected projects.

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Sprzęt piekarniczy od Magorex

Efforts appreciated

Hard work, vast experience and commitment are appreciated in our industry. We are glad that our many years of work have been rewarded with certificates, which remain the best guarantee in business contacts. Magorex belongs to the Business Gazelles – an elite business club. It is a prestigious list of companies with the highest development dynamics and the best motivation for further actions.

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Modern bakery equipment. Meet the Magorex bestsellers

Automatic donuts stuffer

Our experience was the crucial factor when designing our donut stuffer. Automation makes filling confectionery simpler, faster and more efficient. We have not forgotten about safety improvements. With them in mind, we have equipped the device with a funnel sensor. Thanks to this, the funnel starts spontaneously only if the donut is applied. There is also no way to put your fingers in the place where the machine’s cogs are located while working.

Peelboard for proofing the dough

One of the most important production stages is proofing the dough. Unfortunately, it may pose some difficulties, especially when we use traditional boards or castes. Sticky dough or low durability of accessories are just the beginning. Based on these observations, we have created a special proofing peelboard. Its trademark is its inside – an innovative honeycomb structure. The tight, internal mesh and aluminium frame keep the tray rigid, flat and resistant to scratches, dents and loads. At the same time, we made sure that the peelboard could be easily integrated into automated production systems.

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Do you want to work with us? See the catalogue of bakery equipment from Magorex and contact our sales representatives. Together, we will create the perfect bakery and confectionery equipment for your plant.