Molds for Easter baking

Easter cake, poppy seed cake or in shape of a bunny ? You can create all these baked goods in reliable Magorex molds – regardless of whether you bake only for your loved ones at home or run a bakery and carry out large orders. See what we offer for Easter.

Single molds or a set

For baking enthusiasts, small entrepreneurs and large bakeries we have solutions exactly tailored to their needs. Our range includes:

  • molds for Easter cakes,
  • molds in the shape of an Easter lamb,
  • molds in the shape of an Easter hare,
  • molds in the shape of a holiday chicken,
  • molds for poppy seed cake.

The variety of products is not all we offer. In Magorex you will find molds for Easter baking in various sizes, as well as in single versions or in a set. Individual products are great for homes and small factories – you’ll find them in our online store: Easter baking molds.

For large bakeries we have prepared an offer of sets. For this purpose, we use a special rail in which you can fit several molds. Depending on the dimensions of the oven and the bakery, we can create dedicated solutions that will optimize the baking process. Do you want to know our offer for bakeries? Contact our sales department.

Easter baking molds – Magorex quality

In addition to the diverse range, we also offer our customers high quality products that guarantee their long life and functionality. Our products are made of various materials, including AluSteel or aluminum. We also provide solutions that provide better performance and large savings.

One of them is the Non-Stick coating with a very low coefficient of friction. Thanks to this, the dough does not stick to the sheet, which in turn reduces the costs associated with oiling and cleaning sheets and molds. In addition, thanks to non-sticking to the surface, the dough grows better. The crust forms at the right pace, roasts evenly, and remains crunchy.

Discover all our solutions for bakery and confectionery. Download the Magorex product catalog.