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9 July 2021Everything you need to know about molds, sheets and mold sets

Choosing the equipment tailored to your needs is a real art. Do you want to equip your confectionery or bakery with accessories that will last for years? See what you need to know about the moulds, sheets and mould kits of the Magorex collection before making a purchasing decision.
formy blachy i zestawy form magorex

Customized supplies

There is no doubt that moulds, trays and mould sets must meet several conditions before they can be used in the production of tasty, aromatic pastries and sweet snacks. Do you want to obtain repeatable, high quality and improve all processes in the plant? Are you going to expand your offer with original cookies and unusual delicacies? Make sure that it is the accessories you have purchased that fit your products and new ideas, not the other way around. Only then will you be able to bake well, efficiently and without any restrictions.

Do you have an idea how else to make equipment from our catalogue? Do you need supplies with different dimensions? Because we perfectly understand that sometimes you can’t compromise, we offer each client a range of individual solutions. All you need to do is contact the MAGOREX sales department and tell us what exactly you expect. We can work together on the details of the project. On request, we can also create products that are not in the catalogue.

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What materials do we use for the production of supplies for bakeries and confectioneries?

The materials used in the production of moulds, sheets and other accessories should be attested, easy to clean and maintain, and resistant to high temperatures. Choose AluSteel, i.e. steel covered on both sides with a thin layer of aluminium, which will protect the baking trays against corrosion. If their surface is scratched, the active ingredients will spontaneously create a passive, protective anti-corrosion layer. What other advantages does it have? AluSteel is:

  • longer life of bakery and confectionery equipment,
  • maximum durability,
  • savings due to the reduction of the furnace heating time.

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wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o formach, blachach i zestawach form magorex
produkcja sprzętu piekarniczego dodatkowe możliwości

Moulds, sheets and mould sets – MAGOREX solutions

Although AlMg3 is commonly used in baking, a much better alternative will be AlMn, which will not lose its properties during repeated baking, it is much more stable and durable even in the case of prolonged heating. Therefore, when buying, always check what type of aluminium the equipment you are looking for is made of. What else is worth knowing about moulds, sheets, and mould sets? If you want the colossal amount of oiling products to be forgotten, the dough finally stops sticking, and the crust is delicious, crunchy and evenly baked, opt for a non-stick coated item. What else is in their favour?


  • have high abrasion resistance,
  • have documented approval for contact with food,
  • are resistant to chemical agents and UV radiation.

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How do I care for moulds, sheets and mould kits?

Proper use and cleaning is a necessity for baking forms and baking trays to remain in perfect condition for a long time. What should you remember? First of all, burn them before the first use. How is it going?

  • First, heat them in the oven for about 45-60 minutes at 80-100 ° C.
  • Then cover the working surface of the heated sheets with a layer of vegetable oil.
  • Allow them to cool down to ambient temperature.

While this process also applies to silicone-coated products, it should then be run at a slightly different temperature – 250 ° C for 60 minutes or 200 ° C for 4 hours. Attention! Surfaces coated with Polirex Green and Polirex Black can be used immediately after purchase, without the procedure specified.

Cleaning and care

Special, dedicated resources make a really powerful ally. In order to remove all, even the most stubborn dirt, without resorting to products that could damage the surface in the long run, it is necessary to use proven solutions. The MAGOREX offer includes two types of HAEM cleaning fluid. The best solution for trolleys is HAEM gel, which is simply applied to a specific surface, left for 24 to 48 hours, and then rinsed with water under pressure. Available in litre bottles. Completely biodegradable.

czyszczenie blach piekarniczych płyn haem
czysta piekarnia i cukiernia haem czyszczenie blach piekarniczych

The liquid HAEM works most effectively in combination with a cleaning bath that heats it to a temperature of 40 ° C. What does the whole process look like? You can leave the plates or moulds in the liquid for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the level of soiling, and then rinse with clean water under pressure. Delivered in containers of 20, 30, 60 or 200 litres, it does not lose its cleaning properties after use, it can be used many times. The amount of loose dirt and carbon deposits starts to settle in the bathtub? Now and then, HAEM is filtered and used further.

Are you looking for proven supplies for your bakery or confectionery? Fill in the form to order the MAGOREX catalogue and contact us. Together, we will adjust moulds, sheets and mould sets to your needs!