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14 January 2022Essential tools for confectioners

Each confectionery should work with reliable, durable machines and devices which improve efficiency and significantly facilitate production processes. We present the necessary tools for confectioners, which absolutely must not be missing in your plant.

Manufacture of doughnuts under control

There is nothing better than warm, aromatic doughnuts with fruit, chocolate or pudding filling. Of course, this challenge is difficult to meet when shop shelves are bent over with a wide range of sweets to choose from: generously covered with frosting, decorated with shavings and nuts, or delicately sprinkled with powder. Unfortunately, such a large production can turn out to be a real challenge! What to do to speed it up?

To respond to the needs and expectations of confectioners, we have created one of our bestsellers, i.e. an automatic doughnut stuffer. The device aims to make the stuffing process easier. Modern technologies, thoughtful design and high-quality components make the process of stuffing effective and easy. What are its advantages, and why is it considered one of the most crucial tools for confectioners?

How does it work, and how the automatic doughnut stuffer is constructed? →

Automatic stuffer – get to know its advantages.

The automatic stuffer is a proven solution that introduces considerable time savings and helps you take control of the production process. Stuffing is faster, more efficient and requires less work. The device is intuitive and easy to clean, but it is activated thanks to a proximity sensor. How to use it? The operator sets the preferred time of stuffing on the control panel, and the dose of the filling is released. For the safety of users, the machine is equipped with a hopper sensor that activates it immediately after the doughnut is applied. The cylindrical filling funnel and the pressure with a load make it possible to fill doughnuts or tubes with a light filling, e.g. whipped cream.


For frying and stuffing

If your production requires compact, functional solutions, you can try the possibilities of the manual doughnut stuffer. The stuffer is made of stainless steel and offers the regulation of the amount of served filling. The device has a simple structure, is durable and easy to clean and use. Our collection offers a variety of fillers to choose from, ranging from side fillers to equipment supported on a container and a bowl.

The most critical step in the preparation of doughnuts is the frying process. Regardless of the size of the plant and the nature of production, the confectioners need necessary tools made of safe, resistant materials. To prepare doughnuts quickly and without problems, we offer doughnut fryers with unique, electronic temperature control, which hold up to 60 pieces. We make sure that they have excellent thermal insulation and are compliant with CE standards. The fryers have a draining board that opens to the short side, two sieves and a clamp.


Essential tools for confectioners. Chocolate heater

Facilitating work through automation is our speciality. Many years of cooperation with leading representatives of the confectionery and bakery industry made us perfectly understand the obstacles, difficulties or surprises that may delay production. One of the solutions that will effectively help avoid them is the Magorex heater. What is it characterized by, and how can it be useful?

This universal, innovative device is used to heat chocolate or peanut butter. It is also convenient for instant melting products such as butter or frosting. The machine directly heats the chamber with one or two GN containers. It works both on the bottom and on the sides, thanks to which the chocolate heats up much faster. The temperature range is from 20 ° C to 60 ° C.

Special sensors located at the heating plate inform about the current chocolate temperature. The heating unit turns off when the content reaches the pre-set temperature.

Automatic cake and cake slicer – what distinguishes it?

How to cut delicate jelly cakes, fluffy cheesecakes and apple pies with masterful precision? Pastries and cakes should not only be of unsurpassed quality but also be properly prepared for sale. Regardless of whether you run a local pastry shop or supply large chain stores, you must invest in modern solutions that will automate processes and help you take control of the appearance of goods. An indispensable tool for confectioners, which has gained the recognition of all our customers, is the automatic pastry cutter. This innovative device will be useful wherever the shape and size of each piece are important. What are its advantages?

The slicer is used when dividing the dough into perfectly equal portions. The preparation of orders can be carried out in an efficient and maximally effective way. How it’s working? All baked goods – round, square or rectangular – can be quickly and accurately divided into parts with identical, predetermined proportions. For this purpose, it is enough to determine how many elements we want to get and what they should look like, and then start it using a switch. The machine can be programmed for several different cutting projects. Carefully selected, resistant materials and modern solutions guarantee that the automatic slicer will remain in perfect condition for many years. 


Are you looking for a reliable partner for your business? Do you want to match the tools for the confectionery to your needs? Contact us and see what we can offer you.