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15 February 2021ERP systems for bakeries and confectioneries

What is the ERP system and how does it help bakeries and confectioneries to function? What solutions helpful in implementing the system does Magorex offer?

ERP systems for bakeries and confectioneries adapted to the specifics of the industry, enable the management of processes taking place in various areas of their operation. The introduction of modern solutions and improvements seems necessary when we choose a developmental business model. See what their benefits are!

wózki piekarnicze do pieców obrotowych

What are ERP systems for bakeries and pastry shops?

Working on improving efficiency leads to the problem of choosing and implementing such a technology that best suits the company’s goals, expectations, and needs generated by the nature of the industry. An effective system will also dictate a specific management strategy that will result in increased efficiency and optimization of activities in the future.

Integrated ERP systems for bakeries and confectioneries, therefore, allow for appropriate management of resources. They are multi-module, equipped with several useful functions dedicated to a strictly defined environment, and they can be adjusted individually, depending on their size and requirements. They improve the flow of information, automate processes and remain useful from a logistic point of view. Information about transactions is stored and processed in the database on which they are based. Thanks to this, it is possible to prepare an analysis and a statement as well as smoothly react to changes.

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When to decide on ERP systems for bakeries and pastry shops?

What spheres are covered by the ERP system for bakeries and confectioneries? Although it can be freely expanded to meet the needs of a specific company, the overall scope of the system’s operation includes customer service, production, finance, documentation, and the supply chain. Problems that require intervention, often reported by entrepreneurs, are therefore related to the process of ordering and issuing goods, managing individual areas that require automation, serial printing of documents, and enterprise integration. Production planning itself usually requires improvement. In this regard, it is very important to update the schedule with the latest customer orders. All this is possible thanks to a well-adapted and implemented ERP system for bakeries and confectioneries.

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Basic benefits

The places where it was decided to use ERP function much more effectively, especially in terms of coordination, planning, and integration. We can control sales and customer relations, securely store employees’ data, organize and verify their work. Accelerating the course of the transaction increases the satisfaction with the service, and numerous improvements eliminate the number of mistakes made.

More accurate forecasts and better organization in terms of procurement and resource management help, among other things, to reduce costs, shorten the time of delivery of goods or organize the work of drivers. Also, preparing orders and documents, invoicing, settling, and handling returns are much easier and more effective.

Magorex solutions – marking laser

Modern bakeries and confectioneries, which strive to optimize costs and improve and streamline work in general, decide on individualized ERP systems that affect all levels of their operation. In order to meet the expectations of our customers who are looking for the best, most effective solutions, we offer the possibility of marking goods for the systems in question. This is done via a marking laser that allows them to be identified, counted and transported quickly. There are plenty of possible labelling methods – individual elements display the customer’s logo, variable numbers, bar codes or QR codes.

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