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22 September 2020Elegant display trays from Magorex

The display of bakery and confectionery products is really important. Customers eat with their eyes! At Magorex, we have created several types of display trays that help to properly display products and organize the space in the store. See what options we have prepared for your bakery and confectionery.

An elegant way to present baked goods

Made of 0.8 mm thick aluminium, display trays are a great way to present baked goods and confectionery products. We create them in various sizes, shapes and colours. Thanks to the folded edges, the tray is additionally stiffened and reinforced. Small, one or two centimetre long edges give the display trays an elegant look. The products displayed on the display trays look appealing. They are perfect for pastry shops and bakeries, which not only care about the taste sensations of customers but also make them a unique impression thanks to an extraordinary display.

ekspozycja pieczywa tace wystawowe magorex

Display trays – finishing versions

We know that the possibilities and needs of the exhibition differ depending on the bakery and confectionery. Magorex offers display trays in various sizes and colours. The basic colour version is silver. Next to it, gold, champagne and black finishes are available. During the production of our trays, their surface is subjected to etching – thanks to it, the aluminium has a nice, smooth colour and does not stain your hands.

Surfaces with colours other than silver are specially treated during production. First, there is an etching process followed by an anodizing process which increases the hardness of the surface. The final stage is chemical dyeing to the desired colour.


Display trays with rounded corners

Our proposal, display trays with curved corners are one of the most hygienic solutions when it comes to presenting products. Rounded corners, thanks to their shape, make it easier to keep clean and take care of the surface. The aluminium display trays are made of a single piece of material, which means no welds. The edges of the trays are cut with laser precision.

Display trays tailored for you

As with every Magorex product, also at the display trays, it is possible to adjust the product to the individual needs of the customer. On special request, we can produce display trays of any dimensions, which will be perfectly matched to the display window in your bakery or confectionery. Thanks to computerized production technology and laser processing, we can provide you with exactly the trays you need. For each product manufactured to the customer’s order, we develop technical documentation that will allow you to repeat your order even after several years. Additionally, each product can be labelled with your company’s logo or the appropriate serial number. It all depends on the needs of your plant.