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17 March 2021Easier proofing of dough with a peelboard from Magorex

The proofing of dough is an important stage in the production. To make it easier for you, we are constantly expanding our offer with solid and functional accessories. This time a special peelboard has joined the Magorex collection. Check what possibilities it has!
sprzęt piekarniczy - trendy na 2023 rok

Baking bread – the latest Magorex solutions

The real challenge for bakers is to build the right conditions for a formed, resting dough. The most important is not only temperature but also optimal humidity. Thanks to the proofing of bread, which usually takes place using special boards and caste, we get a fresh assortment with excellent aromatic and taste qualities. Dedicated accessories should, above all, meet hygiene requirements. Ergonomic materials of the highest quality, in turn, will prevent the billets from sticking. To meet these expectations, we have expanded our offer with a peelboard for proofing. What was it made of and how can it be used?

Peelboard for proofing dough – advantages

The sticking of the dough to the caste or board is a real nightmare. The need to gradually tear off individual pieces makes the work longer and more difficult. The baking quality is also lost. To prevent their structure from being disturbed, some invest in separate washers. However, it is not an ideal solution. It has to be constantly improved and moved.

Following these observations, we created the outer surface of the ABS synthetic dough proofing peelboard. Perfectly adjusted roughness eliminates the mentioned problems. It influences the importance of the course, pace, and economy of production processes. It also becomes easier to keep clean. During washing, we will not find pieces of cake that are difficult to remove, and we can easily maintain basic hygiene standards. What else matters? First of all, we can produce larger amounts of dough at one time and have it at our disposal. At the same time, we obtain products of the same, unsurpassed quality.

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peelboard do garowania chleba dla piekarni
peelboard garowanie chleba
stół do garowania chleba peelboard

Construction of a peelboard for proofing dough

The tray remains rigid, perfectly flat, and resistant to loads, mechanical damage, scratches, or dents. This is guaranteed by a welded aluminium frame and a tight internal mesh. The priority issue was the maximum multitasking of the product. It dictated the individual design solutions: a two-sided surface, the possibility of including a peelboard in automated production systems, and various variants of corners to choose from. You decide for yourself which one suits you:

  • rounded – 30 degrees,
  • square – 90 degrees,
  • truncated – 45 degrees.

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How to take care of the dough proofing peelboard?

To keep the peelboard in good condition, it is worth replacing pressure washers and more invasive washing products which can rub the surface with detergents with a PH between 6 and 9. All you need to do is wipe the individual elements with a soft sponge, rinse them and let them dry naturally. Store the equipment in a horizontal position on a flat surface. The place you choose should be not very sunny, dry, and sufficiently away from heat sources. What else is good to remember? Maintain the permissible operating temperature, which is between -35C and + 65C. Also, do not exceed the maximum load of 12 kg / m2.

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