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8 July 2020Device for disinfecting trolleys

At the request of one of our customers, we have created a shelter that disinfects shopping trolleys in two seconds. It is an intuitive product that responds to the current needs of many companies and production plants that put the safety of customers first. Due to its practical character, the product has been permanently included in our offer.

Necessity is the mother of invention

The new reality has forced everyone to look for new solutions that ensure maximum security. One of our customers was led by such a need and came to us with the idea of creating a shelter for the disinfection of shopping trolleys. How did you come up with it?

This solution was naturally forced by the pandemic. Since there was a lot of this disinfection, we started looking for an option that would automate this process. Our client had seen amateur methods and experiments many times before and tried to develop devices that would do their job and help disinfect trolleys. Therefore, there was a request to produce such a device in a professional version.
Urszula Górka
member of the board and manager at Magorex

The request of our customer appeared in April, after one month we had a finished prototype of the shelter for disinfection of shopping trolleys. Before the shelter went to the supermarkets, our robots tested both the shelter and the attached dispenser for hand disinfection for several days. Initially, we encountered problems related to the operation of the dispenser. After analyzing the problems and creating a second project, the disinfection shelter with a disinfection dispenser could be put into operation.

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The first pancake is always spoiled

The first tests were not a great success – not every shop customer understood the idea of disinfecting the trolley and looked at our device in amazement. However, after a few days of existence in front of the store, customers got used to the presence of the device used it more and more willingly. We installed a meter in the device – after the first week of its use we already had a thousand users. Every day this number is growing constantly, which of course makes us very happy. Safety when shopping is currently a priority for many customers.

Device for disinfecting trolleys

What we wanted when designing the car disinfection shelter was above all the comfort and safety of the users. We combined solid performance and high strength with two important advantages:

  1. The disinfection device is easy to use – even without reading the instructions, the user knows how to use the device. It is enough to place the trolley in the device and press the start button of the device. When disinfecting the trolley, the shop customer can disinfect his hands with the hand disinfectant dispenser standing next to it. The entire disinfection process of the trolley takes only two seconds!
  2. The compact size and mobility of the disinfection trolley allow it to be set up almost anywhere. Mounted wheels allow you to move the shelter freely and set it up at another location without much effort. The disinfection shelter is powered by a rechargeable battery – just charge it at night to work all day.

See how the device for disinfecting shopping carts works:

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