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23 April 2021Cooperation with Magorex – an interview with Paweł Dudała from the Plon bakery

We work not only with the giants of the baking industry but also with smaller players who have their individual needs. How is our cooperation going? Paweł Dudała from the Plon bakery in Wrocław talks about it.

How did your adventure with bread start?

I am a confectioner by profession, and I became interested in baking bread five years ago. The bread turned out to be much more interesting. Every day the result is completely different, it is much harder to achieve repeatable results. It was a bigger challenge for me and that’s why I went in that direction.

paweł dudała piekarnia plon współpraca magorex jak wygląa
piekarnia plon wrocław

How old is the yield and what are your products characterized by?

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the round anniversary of the uprising. We offer slowly fermented sourdough bread. This means that the entire process – from making the dough to the finished loaf – takes over 24 hours. We have to take into account many factors during production. It is not only the leaven that matters, but also the ambient temperature, humidity, and several other parameters.

Where did the idea to start your own business come from? Looking back, would you make the same decision?

Definitely yes. First of all, I was tired of working in a restaurant. I wanted to gain some independence, do what I think is right and share my baked goods directly with people. I knew I was coming out with a good product. I took the time to look for bread that did taste special. However, I was wondering if this was the right moment to enter the Wrocław market with such a unique offer. After all, the cost of producing our bread is much higher, and the effect is also completely different. Additionally, our offer includes croissants that require a lot of work. However, a year after its opening, we can develop even more.

What are your plans for this year?

In 2021, we want to build a larger bakery. We will transfer our entire range to it. A confectionery will be built in this place.

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sprzęty i maszyny do piekarni
testy odpieku w Magorex zestawy form z powłoką non stick zalety

How significant is the equipment in the whole project, and why did you choose Magorex?

The most important thing for me was to have flexibility in the choice of equipment. The layout of the premises and the things we do are a bit non-standard, so I needed a company that would meet our needs and expectations. Another determinant was the durability of the accessories. I wanted their life to be as long as possible. We have only been operating for a year, but we are already sure that we have managed to implement these assumptions and that everything works as it should.

What would you advise people who are considering opening their own business or replacing equipment?

First of all, the deciding factor for the purchase should always be the quality of the products, not their price. Only in this way can we choose an assortment that will stay with us for years. Often it turns out that getting a bit more expensive equipment is more beneficial. We do not have to replace it so often, and it will serve us much longer.

Does all your assortment come from Magorex?

We have just bought large equipment from Magorex. Sometimes we use third-party services that are on hand. It happens when we are chasing deadlines and we need to find some small things quickly. However, we are very pleased with the cooperation and we want the equipment of the new place to come 100% from the Magorex offer.

zaopatrzenie dla piekarni rzemieślniczych magorex producent sprzętu piekarniczego
plon nowości wrocław piekarnia paweł dudała rozmowa

How is it for you to reflect on what’s new, and how do you implement it? Do you have a fixed repertoire?

We have solid foundations because we have created a series of products with repeatable, maximum quality. We made sure that they look and taste the same every day. Of course, the entire crop crew was of enormous importance in this process. At the moment, we can gradually expand our offer. When hiring a new person, we introduce products in which he specializes. The flexibility of Magorex is helpful, thanks to which we do not have to adjust our ideas to the equipment. The opposite is happening – first, we think about what product we want to create, and then we try to produce equipment for a specific vision.

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