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18 August 2021Confectionery forms for baking bundt cake

Traditional bundt cakes and tasty tarts are delicacies that cannot be missing in any pastry shop. Are you slowly getting ready for the hot holiday season? Do you want to facilitate the work in your plant? Invest in confectionery moulds for baking cakes from Magorex. Choose the quality that pays off.
Formy cukiernicze do wypieku babek magorex

Forms for baking bundt cakes

Does your bundt cake crumble and break before putting it in your bag? Cracks are visible even after coating with icing or sprinkling with powder? Remember that the client eats first and foremost with his eyesight!

The secret weapons of each confectionery are carefully selected forms for baking bundt cakes. Which of them are worth choosing and what to remember? When placing an order, pay attention to a few basic parameters. Specify the assumed dimensions and weight of the baking.

Then decide on one of the Magorex offers.

  • Aluminium moulds with a chimney. Available in various variants to choose from, lightweight, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and cleaning chemicals. They do not bend during baking. They have a long service life.
  • Forms with a chimney made of AluSteel. Dimensions of 16×8.5 cm and a baking weight of 0.5 kg. They combine the advantages of aluminium and steel. They are not affected by constant heating and cooling as a result of the baking process. They are much more durable and enduring, resistant to deformation and corrosion.
  • Steel moulds are covered on both sides with a Non-Stick coating with a very low coefficient of friction. The cake bakes evenly. It will not start to stick or stratify when taken out.

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forma do wypieku babek magorex

Tubes for puff pastry

Proven recipes, natural ingredients and fillings that melt in your mouth. It is not without reason that cookies, cones and sponge cakes are so popular. They smell nice, satisfy the first appetite and win the heart of every gourmand. Are you looking for new dessert suggestions? Remember that sometimes classic solutions are the best – crispy and delicately toasted puff pastry delicacies.

What to do to make their production run smoothly and without surprises? Bet on puff pastry tubes from Magorex! In our collection, you will find models of various sizes and shapes. Standard, round or maybe conical? Decide for yourself what they will look like and keep control over each stage of the work.

Moulds with removable bottom

Have you managed to create the perfect sponge cake? Remember that it is the last stage that is crucial, especially when it comes to moist and delicate cakes and plump, cooling biscuits.

Our latest proposal was created precisely to improve the quality of work in each plant. The main advantage of our confectionery moulds with a removable bottom is the ease and convenience of removing the product after baking.

The hot dough can be easily removed from the mould right after being taken out of the oven. We will not disturb the delicate structure of the bundt cake. Any unpleasant accidents or unexpected burns will happen.

forma do biszkoptów z wyjmowanym dnem

Confectionery forms for baking bundt cakes

Successful baking is more than proven recipes and years of experience. The equipment you have at your disposal is equally important. Baked goods of repetitive, high quality will guarantee:

  • confectionery moulds for baking yeast cakes made of aluminium, with or without a chimney, in several different sizes to choose from;
  • aluminium “doughnut” moulds with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm;
  • tart moulds.

Have an idea for a dessert that melts in your mouth? Are you looking for equipment with non-standard shapes? Remember that Magorex is not only a ready-made solution. Each product from our offer can be made in close cooperation with the client. With or without a chimney, aluminium or Non-Stick coated, single pieces or maybe whole sets? We want the forms and sheets to fully meet your expectations. You decide to the very end about their size, materials used and the details.

Explore all Magorex solutions for bakeries and pastry shops. Download our catalogue and contact our sales representatives to place an individual order.