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23 December 2019CNC technology in Magorex – conversation with the operator Mariusz Polański

The introduction of modern machinery to the plant allows us to improve the quality of production and reduce human activities. This guarantees higher safety at work, but also much more efficient production. Mariusz Polański, a machine operator at Magorex, talks about one of our most important acquisitions – a robot for welding forms.

Mariusz, tell us briefly what are you responsible for here in the company?

I am the operator of this machine. I am responsible for it, setting it for welding forms or sets depending on what is needed, what is ordered at the moment.

Do you remember the times when this robot was not yet available? How was it different?

Yes, I remember. The difference is colossal because now everything is done by the machine, we only set the whole program, i.e. the descent path, the welding path. We just have to set it up. Previously, all this was done by hand. Here we have the tools in which we only insert forms or sets, write the program and the robot does the work.

Do you see the difference in quality between robot and man’s work?

There may not be much difference in quality, but there is a difference in time. Once the program is written, production takes much less time. The robot works 24/7, at the same pace, and man as we know – sometimes works slower, sometimes faster.

Do you think that a second robot like this would be useful to you in Magorex?

Sometimes there is more work and then a second robot might be useful.

Thank you for the conversation.