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7 September 2020Cleaning baking trays

When working with food, appropriate cleanliness and safety are required, which is why you need to take care of the equipment in the confectionery and bakery. How to clean baking trays so that they not only meet the highest standards but also retain their properties for a long time?

The material easy to maintain

Why have we decided to manufacture our products for the bakery and confectionery industry from aluminium, AluSteel or stainless steel? An important aspect is the durability and ease of cleaning. AluSteel sheets and moulds are not deformed as a result of high temperatures and continuous heating and cooling during the baking process. The aluminium layer also protects the baking trays against corrosion. How to clean baking trays so that they serve as long as possible?

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Combating carbon deposits – HAEM liquid

Nagar is a bane that every bakery and confectionery struggle with. This hard, white-green-yellow deposit regularly appears on kitchen appliances and disturbs the hygiene of the plant. How to prevent this problem from generating losses in the form of kitchen waste? An effective answer to this question is HAEM, a cleaning agent for baking trays and baking moulds.

HAEM is a special agent for cleaning dirty sheets and moulds used in bakeries and confectioneries. It is a biodegradable product – we are sure that waste does not have to be stored for many years and will not pollute the environment. HAEM liquid effectively dissolves and removes baked and charred dough residues. The liquid should be poured into a special tray for cleaning sheet metal, in which the liquid is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Put the dirty baking trays in the tub for cleaning for a few hours. After removing the sheets from the bathtub, put them for a while in a container or a special trolley, so that the HAEM runs off their surface. For what? HAEM is a reusable product – after a few cleanings it can be filtered and it will be ready for use again. Then it is enough to rinse the sheets with water under pressure.

Importantly, HAEM is safe and does not damage the cleaned surfaces or cause corrosion. Perfect for steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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Universal sheet metal cleaning machine

In our offer, you will find a universal machine for cleaning sheet metal, which we have created for manual bakeries and confectioneries. The tabletop machine is ideal for removing flour, grains or small remains of dough after baking. The cleaning process is not complicated and takes place using rotating belts equipped with special brushes, the hardness of which can be selected individually according to the needs.

The device cleans many types of sheet metal – flat, baguette, perforated or solid sheets. We can successfully use it also for sheets covered with Teflon coating. The efficient sheet cleaning process lowers other costs associated with sheet maintenance.

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