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5 October 2020Christmas assortment for bakeries and pastry shops

Aromatic gingerbread, fluffy cheesecake and traditional poppy seed cake are the most frequently ordered Christmas pastries. For all these baked goods you need not only the best recipe but also reliable equipment. Magorex reminds us – October is the last moment to prepare your confectionery and bakery for the hot Christmas season. Take a look at our Christmas assortment, which will be useful in your business.

Closed confectionery trays

Closed confectionery cover is a must in every confectionery. Their biggest advantage is their multifunctionality – they can be used for baking cakes, decoration, transport to the shops and for sales. It is not necessary to transfer the dough to other trays. Thanks to this convenient solution we save equipment and time. On individual request of our customers, we can produce a complete set of covers for confectionery trays – this enables flexible processing and protection of the product

Baking forms – for cakes, sponge and tarts

Christmas is a very wide field for a confectionery fair! Although traditional pastries such as gingerbread, fruitcake or poppy-seed cake predominate on Polish tables, we can find a more original approach among the younger generations. Christmas pastries, beautifully decorated muffins and Christmas cakes are on the rise in modern homes. This is a signal for the confectionery industry to provide itself with the necessary equipment for baking these wonders. There are no impossible things in the Magorex offer – thanks to our machinery we are able to produce any shape of baking form. Among the classic products in our catalogue there are some:

  • forms for poppy seed cake,
  • sponge forms,
  • tart baking forms,
  • forms for baking cakes.


Rims in special shapes

In view of important holidays, we have extended our offer with wounds for cakes with unique shapes. In addition to standard solutions, our range also includes heart-shaped wounds – a delicious gingerbread will be perfect in this shape! The advantage of our rims is the material from which they are made of – aluminium or stainless steel, they are very durable for years. Our customers can adjust the dimensions of the products, the material they are made of and details such as the angle of the edge to their needs.

Baking form sets for bakeries

Christmas is not all about sweets and biscuits. In addition to twelve dishes, there is also traditionally bread on the table. For large bakeries, we have prepared a range of forms in sets, which will make work easier and speed up the production process. Depending on the dimensions of the oven and the possibilities of the bakery, we can develop special solutions that optimize the baking process. Do you want to know our offer for bakeries? Please contact our sales department.

Magorex = quality holiday

The variety of forms and sheets is our trademark. In addition to many available catalogue solutions, we offer above all the possibility of tailoring bakery and sugar equipment to the individual needs of our customers.

Our products are also characterized by a very high quality of workmanship – they are made of materials that guarantee them a long life and functionality. An investment in bakery equipment made of Alusteel or aluminium means better equipment efficiency and large savings. We also offer our customers a Non-Stick coating with a very low coefficient of friction. Thanks to this solution, the dough does not stick to the baking tray – this not only reduces the cost of greasing and cleaning the plates but also makes them rise better and brown evenly.

Discover all our solutions for bakeries and pastry shops. Download the Magorex product catalogue.

szystko co musisz wiedziec o formach blachach i zestawach form czyszczenie blach