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19 July 2021Cargo Feed. Intelligent shipping box

We are constantly looking for new, safe solutions that will be useful in the era of epidemiological threats. The result of these efforts is an intelligent parcel box. It was created at the special request of one of our customers and now is available in the MAGOREX offer. See when it comes in handy and what its benefits are.
skrzynka na przesyłki Cargo Feed

Safety first

We still hear disturbing news about the coronavirus spreading. That is why, in the last several months, we have expanded the MAGOREX offer with several functional equipment and accessories that will help to maintain the necessary precautions in the new reality.

We already have several successes in this regard. To meet the expectations of our partners, we have created a universal dispenser for hand disinfection and a device for disinfecting shopping trolleys.

Today, we can proudly present one more novelty in our collection, i.e. an intelligent courier box. Check its advantages.

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Smart parcel box – for who?

What we wanted the most was the possibility of collecting parcels without unnecessary delays and in a risk-free manner. We created a product that helps to adapt to the current pandemic recommendations for courier customers and remains useful long after returning to normal.

Although the intelligent parcel box was created with a specific recipient in mind, today it is gaining popularity among all our customers.

Do you use dietary catering? Do you often shop in online stores? You can forget about the tiresome search for a free parcel locker in your area and notices left in the mailbox. You also do not have to worry if you will be able to pick up the package on time. Cargo Feed allows for a contact-free, completely safe collection of parcels that will reach the indicated address even in the absence of household members.

Cargo Feed inteligentna skrzynka na przesyłki kurierskie
skrzynka na przesyłki Cargo Feed
Cargo Feed skrzynka na przesyłki kurierskie

Intelligent parcel box – how to use it?

We make every effort to ensure that all our products are as ergonomic, intuitive to use and stable as possible. It was no different in this case. How does Cargo Feed work?

  1. Install Cargo Feed anywhere on your property. Do you already know what you want to order? Remember to inform about the exact place of delivery of your shipment during the last stages of the transaction. How to do it? Just put the right one a note in the courier’s notes section.
  2. You do not need to worry. The design of the intelligent mailbox makes its contents completely safe against theft, and on the whole – resistant to adverse weather conditions.

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Do you have questions about an intelligent shipping box? Contact your Magorex sales representatives.