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5 August 2020Cake stands – how to create the perfect stacked cake?

We most often associate tier cakes with grand jubilees and wedding receptions. Their creation is a laborious process that requires not only confectionery skills but also incredible precision in assembling individual layers. Magorex offers cake stands that will make it easier for every confectioner to create real masterpieces. See all possibilities.

The tradition of baking cakes

Although you may not realize it, the tradition of baking cakes dates back to antiquity. Of course, their appearance and the taste differed significantly from our modern version, but one thing is certain – since the dawn of time, we have been fond of impressive sweets. Ancient cakes were baked from bread dough and stuffed with toppings that were just at hand – dried fruits, nuts, or honey. The traditional shape of the cakes is not accidental – it was believed that the circle is a symbol of the cyclical nature of life and the forces of nature. Currently, cakes can be found in every possible shape, but it is the round variant that best fits the symbols in birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

The version of the cake as we know it now was born in Italy and came to Poland in the 16th century thanks to Queen Bona.

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Stacked cake – a real masterpiece

Creating the perfect double-decker cake is a process that requires precision and experience. The success of this operation depends on the type of prepared dough, the size and, weight of the individual layers of the structure. Although we can find many tips on the Internet on how to build a stacked cake at home, it is not worth risking. To build a real multi-story cake, it is necessary to provide your workplace with professional equipment that will facilitate the process and guarantee the success of the entire project.

Tools that will allow you to create the right shape of the cake are:

  • frames or stands for a stacked cake,
  • the bunk cake stand,
  • thermal container for a stacked cake,
  • plates for individual biscuits.
Najlepsze rozwiązania dla cukierni - stojaki do tortów Magorex

Cake stands from Magorex

As a producer of equipment for the bakery and confectionery industry, we have adapted our offer to many categories of baking. The variety of products allows our customers to choose from the catalog what is needed in their bakeries and confectioneries. That is why we have prepared a wide range of cake stands – it is important for us that everyone can find products tailored to their needs.

Traditional cake stands

Among the traditional Magorex cake stands, you will find both stainless steel and aluminum cake stands. Also, it is possible to choose the number of floors depending on the needs of the plant – from three to five. Plate diameters are also important in cake stands – in the case of traditional stands, the available plate diameters for individual parts of the cake are 18 cm, 24 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, and 40 cm.

The offer of traditional cake stands also includes pin stands. This type of racks allows for the creation of multi-tier cake structures in which the layers overlap directly, without any visible space between them. When choosing racks for pin-type tracks, you can choose a rack with round or square plates. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can prepare other dimensions of the pins. Standard equipment includes pins 7 cm high and 8 mm in diameter.

Cake stands – non-standard solutions

We are aware that cakes baked in confectioneries can take various shapes tailored to the individual customer. To meet the original ideas, we have in our offer stands for tracks with unusual shapes and positioning plates. For more demanding customers, we offer cake stands with heart-shaped plates, or cake stands in a rosette or banana arrangement.

As a producer of equipment for bakeries and confectioneries, we offer the possibility of individual orders. Need a custom cake stand? Contact our sales office for more information - +48 68 456 68