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24 July 2020Cake cutters – see the Magorex offer

How to improve the work of bakeries and confectioneries? Our assortment includes a wide range of accessories that will facilitate everyday work and help diversify the range of products. Among them, there are various types of cake cutters.

Cake cutters

Cake cutters are accessories that will make work easier in any bakery and confectionery. Thanks to them it is possible to cut out cakes of a certain shape, size, and thickness. How is this possible? The cake cutters are characterized by smooth or notched edges, whose task is to cut out a certain shape. On the one hand, the edges should be sharp so that cutting out an unusual shape is easy to handle. However, the edges mustn’t be sharp enough to cut the surface to be cut. On the other hand, the cutters should be rounded. Such a procedure should ensure safety and protect against injuries during cutting.

The production of aluminum cake cutters guarantees the unchangeable shape in case of repeated use and strong pressure. The use of aluminum in the bakery and confectionery industry has several other advantages. Aluminum cake cutters are light and esthetic, which makes working with them more efficient. See all advantages of aluminum for the bakery and confectionery industry.

For strips and croissants

Cake cutters are most often used in the production of small products. In our assortment you will find other types of them besides the basic strip cutters. We can produce any cutting in standard sizes as well as in any dimensions according to the customer’s request. Among Magorex cake cutters you can also find cake cutters for the pastry:

  • cake cutters for trapezoid strips,
  • cake cutters for French combs,
  • circle cake cutters,
  • cutters for baskets,
  • square cutters.

Cake cutters for special occasions

We often want to celebrate an important occasion with characteristic pastries and sweets. In view of important holidays, we have introduced unique shapes for cake cutters. In addition to standard solutions, our assortment also includes shapes in cup or heart shape, made of stainless steel.

The cutters in the shape of a cup or a chalice with the communion wafer are available in two sizes. The cutters in the shape of a heart are sold in a set of ten in different sizes.