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6 October 2021Bread exposition – elegant display trays

You have several seconds to make a good first impression. Even less time is needed to scare new customers away with inappropriate bread display. To remedy this, at Magorex we have developed several types of elegant display trays. See what makes them stand out and how they were created.

A perfect exposition

Even the most fascinating decorations will not matter if crispy buns or golden challahs lay on a shabby tray full of crumbs. After all, the art of displaying bread is not only about good lighting or a well-thought-out arrangement of the assortment. What is most important is what is invisible: a clean, hygienic display case and elegant display trays that perfectly match the interior of the premises.

Especially with the unique needs of Magorex customers in mind, we have created a wide range of solutions for exhibitions and expositions. Do you want to increase the value of your products and make them perfectly visible? Find out more about our offer and check which trays will best harmonize with the decor of your bakery.

ekspozycja pieczywa tace wystawowe magorex

Types of Magorex display trays

We know how different the display options in bakeries and confectioneries are. That is why we offer our customers many variants of trays to choose from. We offer pressed trays, made of aluminium or stainless steel, created by bending and welding in the corners. You will also find special trays for pralines with a thickness of 1 mm with edges bent at an angle of 45.

Are you looking for a new, functional solution for corner or semicircular counters? At the client’s request, we can create practical and elegant trapezoidal display trays.

Do you care about comfort, hygiene and safety? Bet on trays with curved corners made of one piece of aluminium. What distinguishes trays is the lack of welds, the edges cut with laser precision and the shape that makes it easier to keep clean.

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eleganckie tace wystawowe magorex

Pressed display trays

The 4-edge pressed display trays are made of aluminium. Trays with a thickness of 0.8 mm are corrosion resistant, lightweight, mobile, durable and easy to keep clean. We made sure that thanks to the rounded edges their surface is additionally strengthened and stiffened. All trays in this category are available with a 1 cm or 2 cm edge.

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eleganckie tace wystawowe magorex
eleganckie tace wystawowe

Elegant display trays. How are they made?

Modern production technology and the unique properties of aluminium allow us to give our trays different, traditional or non-standard shapes and sizes. We realize all orders individually. We are sure that the selected solutions will perfectly adapt to the shop window. We offer elegant display trays in four colour versions: silver, gold, champagne or black. How do they stand out? What is worth knowing about them?

During the production of silver-finished trays, their surface is subjected to an etching process. Thanks to this, the material has a beautiful, uniform colour and does not stain the hands. Due to the special treatment, the remaining trays from our collection are made a bit differently. The etching and subsequent anodizing processes increase the hardness of the surface and protect it against corrosion. Only in the last stage do we dye the trays chemically. We can obtain black colour by using powder paint, which does not chip off due to dents or bumps and has a slightly matte structure.

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