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11 September 2019Bread and Gingerbread Festival 2019 – We helped break the record!

The Bread and Gingerbread Festival in Jawor is an event that we visit regularly. For the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding area it is a great opportunity to spend family time, to learn about history of baking and explore the secrets of the baker’s workshop. For us, it’s an opportunity to meet people from the industry and get to know their needs better. It is also a chance to break another record for the longest gingerbread in Poland!

59.8 meters in the Guinness Book

Our client, Mr Furtak, running the FURTAK Confectionery in Jawor, undertakes the challenge of breaking the record every year. And for that, he uses Magorex trays. Last year, the length of the larges gingerbread was 55 meters and 30 centimetres. The new record set this year was 59 meters and 80 centimetres!

The most pleasant part of this challenge was of course tasting it.

Important industry event

Bread and Gingerbread Festival in Jawor is an event created for locals. Numerous confectionery workshops, open bakery and confectionery animations with numerous competitions are planned for them. During the holiday, concerts with popular stars are also held. This event is also recognized by the confectionery and bakery industry. It attracts bakers from the whole region, the whole country and also from abroad. This is a great opportunity to keep the baking traditions alive – we encourage you to participate in the next year’s edition!

Meanwhile, we invite you to watch our short photo report from this year: