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3 February 2022Baking trays on individual request

We will produce everything you need in your bakery and confectionery. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we also offer ergonomic baking trays to order, which will make your work even easier. Check what we can offer you.

Standard or individual?

We know how important a flexible approach is when preparing new baked goods, improving existing ones or large-scale production. The same applies to equipment that will become part of your plant. Long, fruitful work and control over the processes are guaranteed only by custom-made baking trays, sets of forms or accessories individually tailored to the needs of each client.

Although we have already introduced over two thousand standard equipment and accessories to the catalogue, our possibilities are vast. As a production company, we actively support ideas and solutions created by the bakeries and confectioneries we work with. Since the assortment is manufactured from scratch in our production plants, we do not have to limit ourselves. Many years of experience in the bakery and confectionery industry make us able to introduce any modifications to the project, including used materials, details of workmanship or basic parameters. We help to make all these decisions during individual consultations with clients. We also prepare comprehensive technical documentation for each new order, which allows us to repeat it even after several years.

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blachy wypiekowe na zamówienie z jakich materiałów powstają

Baking trays on request. What materials are they made of?

Properly selected and high-quality materials are the best guarantee of safety and comfort of use. That is why we use various types of materials in the production of our bakery and confectionery equipment. What is worth choosing? The most susceptible to processing turns out to be aluminium, which allows us to give our sheets even the most unusual forms. AluSteel offers resistance to high temperatures and longer service life. The sheets made of it do not deform. They are also resistant to corrosion or constant cooling and heating.

Are you looking for solutions that will help you speed up and optimize your work? Do you want your equipment to not deteriorate even under the influence of strong chemicals? One of our special options, stainless steel, has exceptional anti-corrosion properties and a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance. Custom-made baking trays can also be made of ergonomic BluSteel. More useful tips and information on this subject can be found in the post: What materials do we use to manufacture equipment for bakeries and confectioneries?

Non-stick coatings. When is it worth choosing?

The equipment you use daily should meet several basic conditions. It is especially important that the baking process proceeds without any problems and does not generate additional costs. That is why, at the special request of our clients, we offer solutions that have been successfully used by bakers for many years. Professional non-stick coatings solve the problems with sticking the dough to the surface, are easier to clean and care for, and have a positive effect on the quality of baking. Our offer includes both silicone variants and slightly more durable fluoropolymer coatings.

Remember that the coatings reach their end of life when the dough starts sticking to them. If the surface of the sheet slowly loses its properties, but you do not want to replace the entire product, use our non-stick coating regeneration option.

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jak dbać o blachy wypiekowe z nieprzywieralną powłoką

Custom-made baking trays from Magorex

Advanced, our infrastructure allows us to make exactly the equipment you will need in your bakery. We offer the most modern products with precisely defined, often non-standard shapes and sizes. Custom-made baking trays often have a specially selected type of perforation and wounds of specific heights and degrees of bend. What else is worth considering? Not only the basic parameters and the materials used are important, but also the details of workmanship that maximally affect the comfort of work. That is why we can provide sheets with any number of edges with a straight or rolled edge, as well as with an open, welded or convex corner.

Are you looking for individual solutions for your bakery or confectionery? Are you interested in custom-made baking trays that meet your specific requirements? Contact our sales office and adjust your plant to your needs.