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19 June 2020Baking forms for bakeries and pastry shops

Round, rectangular, for biscuits and for tarts. In our assortment you will find all forms necessary to run a bakery or pastry shop. We collected them in this entry. Discover our offer and the greatest advantages of Magorex forms.

AluSteel pressed baking forms

Made of carbon steel, coated on both sides with a thin layer of aluminum, AluSteel pressed baking forms combine the advantages of aluminum and steel. Their main advantages are:

  • Resistance to deformation due to exposure to high temperatures, as well as continuous heating and cooling during the baking process.
  • Much higher heat resistance and longer service life compared to aluminum molds.
  • Corrosion protection provided by an aluminum layer on both sides. In the event of damage to the surface coating, the active ingredients of AluSteel spontaneously form a passive protective anti-corrosion layer.

AluSteel baking forms are produced by deep drawing from one piece of material. They have rounded corners that help maintain cleanliness and do not cut through the bags while packing. The bottom and sides of the forms are notched. This technology strengthens the sides and bottom of baked cakes, especially the light ones.

Bent baking forms

Our range also includes bent baking forms made of aluminium, AluSteel, stainless steel and BlueSteel. They are produced by precise bending and welding.

A wide range of products

In addition to rectangular forms, our offer also includes other types. We are able to make any form in standard sizes, as well as on individual order in any dimensions. Those are:

  • “donut” forms,
  • biscuit forms,
  • baking forms for yeast cakes,
  • Tart forms,
  • forms for poppy seed cakes,
  • and many others.

Sets of baking forms

We offer sets of forms made to individual order. In our technology park, we are able to make a set that meets the specific requirements of each bakery. Regardless of the form or size.

Are you looking for a solution tailored to your needs? Contact us.

Baking molds with non-stick coatings

Non-Stick coatings are an innovative solution that allows costs reduction in large production plants. We use them in individual forms, as well as in sets at the customer’s request. What are their benefits?

Non-Stick coatings have a very low coefficient of friction, almost like ice. Thanks to this, the dough does not stick to the sheet, which in turn reduces the costs associated with oiling and cleaning molds and sheets. In addition, thanks to non-sticking to the surface, the dough grows better. The crust forms at the right pace, roasts evenly, and remains crunchy.

The durability of coatings largely depends on the culture of use of metal sheets and baking forms. PoliRex fluoro-polymer coatings have a longer life than SiliRex and ResiRex silicone coatings. They retain their properties after 2,500-3,000 baking cycles. In the case of silicone, the non-sticking property decreases after about 1000 – 1500 cycles.

Sheets and baking forms with Magorex non-stick coatings:

  • are resistant to high and low temperatures,
  • effectively prevent the dough from sticking to the surface,
  • have high abrasion resistance,
  • they are resistant to chemical agents and UV radiation.

In addition, they have documented approvals for contact with food and have been successfully used by Polish bakers for several years.

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