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25 October 2021Baking equipment for Christmas

In the hot festive season, reliable equipment is more than half the battle.Do you want everything to run smoothly? See our Christmas baking equipment, which will be useful in every bakery and confectionery.
asortyment do świątecznych wypieków

Christmas baking with Magorex equipment

Time is at a premium during the holiday season. Confectioners must plan production much earlier and order an assortment that will completely change the traditional poppy seed cake, fluffy cheesecakes and aromatic tarts. Search for high-quality materials! We know very well that October is the last time you can get your plant ready for Christmas.

It does not matter whether you run a small, family business or supply a large network of recipients. Even years of experience and the best recipes are not enough if the equipment does not meet your expectations. Are you looking for ways to increase your productivity? Do you have ideas for new flavours and unique forms? Even if your pastry shop runs out of devices or those from the previous year did not work, you do not have to worry. We offer a large selection of equipment for Christmas baking that will improve work and adapt to the needs of customers.

Closed confectionery sheets

When baking, carrying and decorating cakes, literally anything can happen. Before the final version finally hits the shop window, we have a decorating process and cutting a cake into small, neat pieces. However, it’s not over yet. Customers very often need portions of a completely different size or shape. Prepare for this by supplying your plant with one of Magorex’s most multi-functional products, closed confectionery trays.

All you need to do is choose the appropriate width (10, 20, 30 or 40 cm) and length (40, 58, 60 cm) to match your display. Their removable rim means that you no longer have to transfer products to several different trays. On the contrary, you can use the same sheet at every stage of the production: from baking and finishing to shipping and sale. The casings available on individual orders will additionally protect the baked goods and facilitate storage.


Heart-shaped rims

We offer various kinds of rims: round or rectangular, classic or custom. Ranches are the basic equipment for Christmas baking. There is a reason why they are made of stainless steel or aluminium, which is highly workable. Thanks to this, we can give our edges any shape, dimensions and even an angle of inclination. Not sure what to choose? For all those who like practical solutions, we have prepared rectangular bends with incisions to facilitate portioning. A unique heart-shaped rim will come in handy for Christmas gingerbread. On individual request, there are also special, sliding edges of any height and thickness of the sheet.

Learn more about the materials used to make our Christmas baking equipment → What materials do we use to manufacture bakery and confectionery equipment?

Single and set forms

What absolutely cannot be missing on the Christmas table? Of course, aromatic gingerbread, cakes with dried fruits and traditional poppy seed cake! It’s even better if each piece looks a little different. It can be lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, nuts or other additives according to the original recipe. This year you don’t want to limit yourself? Thanks to our machinery park, we can create baking forms and sets of forms of any shape and size. We provide, among others:

  • sets of forms and molds for poppy seed cake,
  • molds with a removable bottom,
  • baking molds for cakes,
  • tart baking molds,
  • molds for biscuits.

See which ones to choose and what to remember when buying → Confectionery forms for baking pancakes

wypiek babek formy cukiernicze magorex
forma cukiernicza do wypieku babek

Trays with a removable bottom

Trays with a removable bottom have many hidden advantages. A special non-stick coating prevents the dough from sticking and delaminating. The product can be removed easily, quickly and conveniently, even right after baking. There is no possibility of unexpected burns or a violation of the cake’s structure. In addition, the costs associated with greasing and cleaning sheets are eliminated. Sounds good? Check what else they can surprise you!

Are you looking for reliable equipment for Christmas baking? See all products available in our catalogue and contact Magorex sales representatives. Together, we will create molds, sheets and sets of molds especially for your bakery and confectionery.