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16 March 2022Baking bread under control. Bakery equipment and machinery

To increase efficiency and maintain control over every stage of bread production, you need adequate supplies. What can be handy? Meet the most valuable appliances, accessories and machines for bakeries from the Magorex collection.
sprzęty i maszyny do piekarni

Bakery equipment and machinery: Baking forms

We know that in practice, solutions developed based on individual consultations with clients work best. We are not afraid to carry out even the most unusual orders. As with other Magorex bakery equipment and machines, our baking forms are also optimized for the type of baked goods and production requirements.

Single models with even the most non-standard sizes and shapes equipped with special non-stick coatings will work best. On the other hand, custom-made mould sets suitable for baking on racks and industrial lines allow for time savings and increased efficiency in large production plants. Regardless of what you decide to do, you can count on the universal benefits guaranteed by functional techniques used during production. We offer a wide range of products that do not deform, shorten the baking time and remain resistant to cooling, high temperature and corrosion.

Bakery rack with lid closing system

In case of some types of bread, e.g. toasted bread, it is necessary to maintain the correct size of each slice. The shape of the loaf is then also determined in advance. Especially with the typical problems faced by our customers at that time in mind, we have developed a solution that is easy to use in most bakery racks. The innovative lid closing system quickly won the recognition of our partners, and it remains number one on the list of dedicated tools and machines for bakeries. How it’s working?

Maszyny do piekarni wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw
maszyny do piekarni wózek piekarniczy z systemem zamykania pokryw magorex

Importantly, this product is suitable for effective and smooth baking of bread in sets of forms, likewise for proofing dough. As the lids are permanent, they do not need to be stored, moved to another place and applied immediately before baking. At the same time, the required service time reduces. It is enough to lift it using a specific lever to unload the rack with the lid closing method.

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Bakery equipment and machinery: From proofing to transport

Limited space in the plant sometimes forces the search for unique bakery equipment and machines facilitating everyday work. The answer to common problems is traditional boxes for proofing, freezing and transport in several basic variants. Our collection includes models made of dried or steamed beech wood, aluminium and plastic. Their construction ensures perfect air circulation, prevents sticking and allows proofing without auxiliary materials. What’s more, thanks to their specially designed corners, the option of stacking boxes is available. Do you want to improve ergonomics, improve systems and facilitate the storage and transport of containers? For more information, see Proofing, Freezing and Transport Boxes.

Although we like traditional solutions, we do not stop efforts to adapt our offer to the unique needs of the baking and confectionery industry. We have developed a product that quickly became one of our bestsellers, especially with automatic and industrial lines. Peelboard for proofing is a proposition for everyone who wants to maintain better hygiene at work and carry out proofing without unexpected complications. 

Peelboard for proofing

The bakery equipment and machines should be of timeless quality and individually adapted to the form and scope of production. With this in mind, we have developed several basic variants of our peelboards for proofing, which can be of any size and different variants of corners to choose from rounded (30 degrees), square (90 degrees) and cut (45 degrees). How are they built? In order to make sure that the product will be resistant to the harmful effects of chemicals, as well as impacts and scratches, we used a distinguished synthetic ABS material during production. The welded aluminium frame and the inner mesh with an innovative honeycomb structure ensure that the board remains stiff and flat.

peelboard garowanie chleba
Peelboard do garowania - zalety struktury plastra miodu

Peelboard is a universal and easy-to-use tool that allows you to improve the work, regardless of the type and weight of the dough. It owes its unique character to, among other things, the optimal, two-sided structure. The ergonomic, air-permeable coating guarantees that the dough will not stick. The other side of the peelboard is dedicated to products sprinkled with flour.

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Accessories for the bakery

The secret of perfect baking is the attention to detail at every stage of production. The same principle is used to select equipment for your plant. In addition to modern equipment that will help to optimize work, reduce expenses and increase the competitiveness of your own company compared to other bakeries and confectioneries, it is worth investing in functional accessories, such as sieves, and baking mats or baking gloves. What else should be found in each plant?

The traditional solution for proofing is wicker, broken baskets, thanks to which you can obtain symmetrical bread of a specific shape – round or oblong. When choosing the supplies, you shouldn’t forget about the bread sweepers. The best ones remain resistant to high temperatures and absorb water well. We offer many basic variants, including small and large raffia lorries and natural hair products. The guarantee of efficient and comfortable loading and unloading of loaves will be hardwood bread shovels, equipped with one-piece or folding poles, which will not start to heat up and will remain strong even after prolonged use.

jak radzić sobie z marnowaniem żywności w piekarniach i cukierniach

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Are you looking for bakery equipment, accessories and machines that will meet your expectations? Order a catalogue with the best Magorex products and contact our sales office.