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9 February 2022Bakery trolleys – which will work in your bakery?

For bakeries and confectioneries that are looking for a way to work even more efficiently and make optimal use of space, we offer a wide range of bakery trolleys of various designs and applications. What solutions have we prepared for our clients and what is worth choosing? Check.

Bakery trolleys from Magorex. Flexible solutions

We perfectly understand that all the equipment you work on should meet several conditions. Solutions that have appropriate approvals, are completely safe for food and are easy to keep clean are crucial. Even with frequent contact with water and strong chemicals, all bakery trolleys in our collection will remain in excellent condition for many years. They are made of stainless steel. The material is famous for its resistance to corrosion, deterioration and high temperatures, and abrasion or wear.

What else matters? The convenience of use! Bakery trolleys should be manoeuvrable, mobile even under heavy load and solidly constructed. Various types of wheels guarantee more comfortable operation and perfect stability. We have special heat-resistant sets with load capacities of 150 or 240 kilograms. On request, we also make models with a stainless steel fork, which are characterized by higher acid-resistant properties.

Are you looking for something that will allow you to immobilize a transport trolley? We have dedicated sets of wheels with a steel fork and various mounting options, available in two basic versions: with or without a brake.

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wózki piekarnicze do transportu

For bakeries and pastry shops: Transport trolleys

An indispensable element of the equipment of each plant is various types of trolleys for internal transport, which enable safe and efficient transportation of sheets with semi-finished or finished products. What is worth choosing?

Wherever it is necessary to use space efficiently and maintain order, the Z-type transport trolley with dimensions of 60 x 46.5 x 177 cm will be perfect in every situation. Its unique design guarantees to save a lot of space when storing unused trolleys – they can be stored one in the other. The standard solution for convenient transport of baked goods on trays is the H-type trolley, available in the four most popular sizes.

Transport trolleys – order and storage

Do you need a model with a small size that can be used without any restrictions? The storage of any metal sheets, regardless of their parameters, is offered by a special pin trolley. The number and location of the shelves can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. If you want maximum stability and uniform evaporation of baked goods on all sides, try different types of trolleys to cool the bread, for example, rolls or bread. In this case, the trolleys with inclined V-shelves provide a much larger cooling surface.

wózki transportowe do piekarni i cukierni

Individual orders

Like all other equipment, machines and accessories, also bakery trolleys should be individually tailored to the customer’s needs and the conditions in the plant. Unfortunately, ready-made products available in our catalogue are not always a good solution.

As work on each order takes place from scratch in our production halls, we do not have to limit ourselves to a standard implementation. At the customer’s special request, we also make bakery trolleys with any number of levels and with unusual dimensions. We can design them taking into account special guidelines, thanks to which they will fit, among others, for plates with strictly defined dimensions, as well as for two types of furnaces or their less popular models.

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wypiekanie chleba - przydatne sprzęty i wózki piekarnicze

Bakery trolleys – which will work best?

A special place in our offer is occupied by solutions that were developed in response to the current needs of the production plants we work with. One of the devices whose main task is to speed up and facilitate work is a special bakery trolley with a lid closing system, which is useful at every stage of production – also during proofing. What is it characterized by? Although it is a standard cart for bread baking in mould sets, the lids are permanently installed in it so that they do not need to be put away, moved or stored, and the handling is much simpler and shorter.

What else can we surprise you with? Another innovative solution of Magorex is a six-wheeled trolley for bakery baskets with a maximum load of 300 kg, which allows you to safely and efficiently transport much larger quantities of products.

czyszczenie blach piekarniczych płyn haem

Bakery trolleys – cleaning and care

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is essential, especially when it comes to the long-term production of delicious rolls, perfectly risen loaves of bread and crispy, delicate baguettes. How do I make sure my equipment is always clean and ready to go? A proven agent for cleaning bakery trolleys is the biodegradable HAEM gel. It is enough to apply the right amount of the product with a brush, leave it on for 24 hours, and then rinse the cart underwater. HAEM stays on the surface, effectively dissolves carbon deposits and removes the most stubborn, baked-on dirt. Moreover, it does not cause corrosion and does not damage the cleaned equipment elements. It is perfect not only for stainless steel but also for steel and aluminium.


Don’t you see Magorex’s bakery trolleys that fit your plant? Contact us and tell us what you need.