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18 October 2021Bakery shelves – easy storage

Strong, matching furniture must not are essential for every bakery and confectionary. Are you wondering how to equip your plant to improve your work? See how our shelves, cabinets and bakery shelves make it easy to store products and accessories.
regały piekarnicze do łatwego przechowywania magorex

Furniture for bakeries and confectioneries

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect equipment for bakeries and confectioneries. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have created a rich collection of furniture. They include not only personalized bakery racks with any number of shelves, but also tables, trolleys, wardrobes with hinged or sliding doors, drawers, cabinets and hanging shelves – single, double or triple. When will they be most helpful? Some furniture will be useful for storing raw materials, loose items or products that are used to maintain cleanliness. Others, on the other hand, will accommodate basic equipment and accessories. Things that you absolutely need to have at hand can be placed on hanging shelves, while work clothes, aprons and various essentials will be safe in special wardrobes. See which Magorex solutions will work best for your facility Ergonomic workplace – bakery furniture and confectionery furniture

We choose bakery racks

There is always a lot going on in bakeries and confectioneries. If you want to create a comfortable and functional workplace, you need to think carefully about what exactly you need. It is important that your assortment is of really high quality. What is good to remember?
  • First, check what your furniture and shelves are made of. Make sure that the material is durable, resistant to moisture and corrosion, easy to clean and maintain, and not susceptible to abrasion, wear or deterioration.
  • Remember that all things that will come into direct contact with food must meet the standards and have appropriate approvals.
  • Do not be afraid to use the option of creating furniture on an individual order. In this way, you will be guaranteed that they will meet all your expectations and production requirements. Also find out which dimensions of the bakery shelves for storage will be optimal.
Find out more: Individual orders for the bakery and confectionery industry

Bakery shelves. Easy storage and better organization

What else matters? It is very important that all furniture is efficiently arranged, durable and specially designed for the needs of the plant. Only in this way will you use all the available space, improve the comfort of work and increase efficiency. To do this, there are of course a few basic things to consider.

One of them is the size and shape of the rooms. In some cases, it is best to buy custom-made furniture that can be freely expanded.

Do you need more shelves, or maybe wheels for easy maneuvering and moving? Do you want the furniture to be adjustable and match the conditions in the plant? No problem! We do our best to make the shelves from the Magorex collection practical and comfortable to use. What does our cooperation with clients look like?

wypiekanie chleba - przydatne sprzęty i wózki piekarnicze

Bakery racks from Magorex

As a manufacturer, we can create bakery shelves for easy storage of raw materials in larger or smaller plants, as well as in places that specialize in the production of specific products. It is not without reason that we make racks only at the request of our customers using stainless steel. In this way, we can first and foremost refine their design and finishing. The same applies to the rest of the Magorex range, including kiln and transport trolleys as well as work tables. At each step, you decide what usable space you want to have at your disposal and how you want to change the standard design this time. We are open to suggestions! Find out more about trolleys for ovens and transport from Magorex →

Are you looking for reliable bakery shelves for easy product storage? Browse the MAGOREX directory and contact our sales office. Tell us what you need and we will create equipment especially for you!