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16 April 2021Bakery equipment for the breakfast bar

Crunchy bread and a real passion for composing delicious breakfast sets. What counts in intimate breakfast bars the atmosphere, the highest quality products and equipment that will meet expectations. Check out the mandatory bakery equipment for the breakfast bar.

Breakfast bars

You can meet them more and more often, and at the same time, they win the hearts of lovers of healthy, varied meals outside the home. Breakfast rooms are a perfect place for busy people and all those who appreciate a tasty, specialized menu. Like smaller artisan bakeries, they usually cater to individual customers who want excellent products and fresh baked goods. They function not only in the mornings and often offer imaginative sandwiches, self-prepared desserts, and lunches – eaten on the spot or made available to go.

What matters most here? First of all, unsurpassed craftsmanship, natural ingredients, proven recipes, and careful display. The available space is often limited, and the degree of automation is low. Furniture and accessories should always suit the requirements and needs of the plant. Bakery equipment for breakfast bars will facilitate processes, increase aesthetics, hygiene, and work safety. How to choose the right one?

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śniadaniarnia sprzęt co kupić jak inwestować
tace wystawowe magorex

Bakery equipment that meets the standards

Bread and buns available in the breakfast bar must be perfectly fresh, valuable, and aromatic. To ensure this, their production is usually organized on-site. Professional procurement is the basis for more effective and efficient operations. What should stand out? First of all, ergonomics and resistance to strong chemicals, high temperatures, and corrosion. It is also necessary to check whether the base material has the appropriate approvals.

When choosing bakery equipment for a breakfast room, it is worth making sure that daily production activities will not reduce its life, and the assortment will not be susceptible to abrasion, wear, or deformation. Aluminum, stainless steel, and AluSteel used for sheets, molds, furniture, and Magorex trolleys make all accessories easy to clean, use and care for while maintaining their original condition for a long time.

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Bakery equipment for breakfast bars: muffin and cup-cake trays

Specialist sheets are an indispensable element of the equipment of every breakfast bar. We have included in our offer many types of baking equipment necessary for baking rolls and muffins. Thanks to them, you can obtain products of repeatable, excellent quality. Many years of experience means that we could even better adapt them to the requirements and production standards.

Our aluminum muffin and cup-cake trays feature a perforated bottom and strategic vents. As a result, all products, including those in the center of the tray, are evenly and thoroughly cooked. What types of them do we put at your disposal?

  • a sheet of 7 cm holes for 24 or 35 muffins;
  • sheet metal with a hole diameter of 4.5 cm for 54 or 80 muffins;
  • 6 cm plate for 24 or 30 cup-cake;
  • any kind of sheet, for example, a model with built-in cups, available on request.
sprzęt gastronomiczny blacha do wypieku bagietek

Bakery equipment for the breakfast bar: baking sheets for baguettes and toasties

No more sticking dough pieces to the sheet, the use of colossal amounts of greasing agents, and persistent, difficult to eliminate dirt. You can choose sheets for baking baguettes or hamburger buns with a non-stick coating – Non-Stick – silicone or fluoro-polymer. The dough will rise better, the crust will form at the right pace and, it will be pleasantly crunchy every time. And when time has passed, you can refresh your equipment with ease – if you want to use our reconditioning option, of course.

The ellipse-shaped troughs can run parallel to the long or short side of the baguette tray. As in the previous case, the perforation allows for convenient air circulation and faster, even baking. We make sheet metal frames of aluminum or stainless steel. Remember that you can decide on the details of the performance, ranging from the width and depth of the baskets, through their dimensions and hole sizes (1.8 mm, 3 mm, or 5 mm), and ending with the type of materials.

Bakery equipment for breakfast bars: baking trays for hamburger buns

Resistant to unfavorable external factors, durable and tailored. Our offer includes several variants of baking trays for baking hamburger buns. They can be made of aluminum or AluSteel, standard or maxi. They have 2 mm perforated or solid sockets (without holes) in the number agreed when placing the order. Also, the dimensions and type of Magorex sheets are optional. Are you looking for something else? Please let us know! Together, we will develop an optimal solution.

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sprzęt gastronomiczny blacha do bułek hamburgerowych

Forms for baking tarts

In every self-respecting breakfast bar, there must be sweets that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Melt-in-your-mouth tarts are a great option. Not only sweet but also savory will certainly diversify your menu. So be sure to pay attention to the tart molds when browsing the Magorex baking accessories. They have an ergonomic design, a range of sizes to choose from, and can be covered with a non-stick coating.

Accessories for the aesthetic display of goods

Are you wondering how to create a unique, exclusive design? A solid starting point is a way you present delicious breakfast sets, sweet desserts, and sandwiches. Reach for beautiful and fitting display trays, ergonomic wave sandwich stands, and three-level cup-cake stands.

Magorex trays perfectly match the shape of a piece of furniture or a display case. For better hygiene at work, we have opted for curved corners, which will make it much easier to keep clean. Regardless of the circumstances, they will also remain perfectly rigid and stable. Find in our offer models made of aluminum or stainless steel.

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