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10 December 2020Automatic donut stuffer – how does it work?

Niezbędne narzędzia dla cukierników

Fat Thursday is fast approaching. The confectionery industry is even preparing for this special holiday a few months earlier. The 2017 study by SW Research commissioned by Tesco Polska shows that Poles eat over 100 million donuts on the last Thursday before Lent. The production of such a number of sweet donuts is a real challenge for all confectioners! How to speed up and automate the donut production process? Meet the Magorex automatic filler.

Automatic donut filler

The automatic donut filler is one of the bestsellers in our offer. It is a device that significantly speeds up and facilitates the process of stuffing donuts. Its use allows for considerable time savings and increased production in the plant. Thanks to modern technology, preparing a confectionery for Fat Thursday does not require as much work as it used to be. If your bakery ran out of devices or those from the previous year did not work, it is high time to check our range.

The automatic donut stuffer is made of stainless steel. The Magorex device also meets all the requirements of CE standards.

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How does a donut filler work?

The automatic donut filler is an intuitive device that will work in every pastry shop. The machine is started thanks to the proximity sensor. The filler is electronically controlled – the operator regulates the feeding time on the control panel. The dose of the filling to be placed depends on the set time of administration. Although the device is easy to use, you should exercise extreme caution when working. For the safety of the person working on the filler, we have equipped it with a hopper sensor. It is not possible to put your hand in the place where the modes of the machine are.

Replaceable parts

The automatic donut filler consists of several components. The base of the device is a body with a switch and a control panel. A pump is placed on it, which has been designed so that it can be easily unscrewed and cleaned.

One of the most important elements of the filler is of course the needle, on which we can put two donuts at the same time. Our assortment includes several variants of needles – in addition to the needles for filling donuts, we also have needles for filling croissants or tubes. All available stainless steel needles can be found in our catalogue.

The next element is a fourteen-litre hopper into which the filling is poured. The hopper is also attached with a clamp with a load, which in the case of lighter and more airy substances improves the dispensing of the filling.

Individual solutions for pastry shops

Do you carefully match the equipment to your plant? Especially for our clients, we have introduced the possibility of renting an automatic donut filler for seven days. You can test our solutions and make a decision only then. We provide a twelve-month warranty for the automatic donut stuffer.

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