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21 September 2021Automatic cake slicer

We created the automatic cake slicer with a specific recipient in mind. Today it is gaining popularity among all our customers. See what sets it apart and how to use it.
Jak powstaje krajalnica do ciast Magorex

Automation is a must

Until recently, it seemed a temporary fashion, today it is slowly becoming a necessity. Automation of production processes is crucial not only for large plants. Modern machines and devices are also increasingly appearing in slightly smaller confectioneries and bakeries.

Why is it worth investing in them? Efficiency, stability and better organization of work are not enough. Innovative solutions are the basis of planning and running production.

Do you supply large store chains? We know how important it is that all baked goods should have the same quality. Unfortunately, their recipients often set specific conditions that are difficult to achieve thanks to manual work only. What to do to control the taste and the appearance of the goods? An automatic cake and cake slicer may be helpful. See what advantages it has and when it is useful.

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automatyczna krajalnica do ciast i tortów
automatyczna krajalnica do ciast magorex

The cutting process is under control

What is the main advantage of confectionery and bakery machines and accessories? Unlike even the most experienced worker, professional equipment works exactly as it is set. There is no room for errors caused by burnout or a temporary decline in the form of the team members. We always know what effects to expect, and the production is much more efficient.

This is one of the main reasons why the automatic slicer has proved so popular with our customers. The preparation of baked goods, even for a larger network of recipients, finally takes place without any surprises. We independently determine how long and how to work. Carefully selected materials guarantee that the device will remain in perfect condition for years. It is easy to use, safe and maximally resistant. Why else is it worth betting on?

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Automatic cake slicer from Magorex

Dividing the cake into portions is one of the last stages of production. And yet it is the one which can cause the most difficulties. During the execution of the order, all pieces must be perfectly alike. Even a slight change of proportion is out of the question. At the same time, work in the plant should be extremely fast and efficient.

This is where the automatic cake slicer can be indispensable. It never gets overworked, helps to achieve repeatable, high-quality effects and is universal. It doesn’t matter if we have round, square or rectangular cake. All baked goods can be cut into parts with identical, strictly defined proportions.

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maszyna do krojenia ciast i tortów

Individual solutions for pastry shops

The machine can be programmed for several different cutting projects. We then determine how many elements we want to obtain and what shape they should have. How to handle it? It is enough for an employee to turn the slicer on with one named and marked switch. Do you want to be sure that the automatic slicer will fit your plant? Are you curious how it works? Especially for our clients, we have introduced the possibility of renting this product for two weeks. You can see how it works in practice, test all the functions and then make a decision.

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