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27 January 2020Assortment for the production of donuts – full equipment from Magorex

Fat Thursday is one of the busiest days of the year for every bakery and pastry shop. It is preceded by several days of preparation – frying donuts, stuffing, pouring icing and sprinkling with powdered sugar. All this so that customers can enjoy the best treats on one day of the year, when we all forget about calories..

That is why in our industry, preparation for Fat Thursday begins in January – we have to equip the plants with the best quality equipment. If your bakery ran out of equipment or those from the previous year did not work, see what we have to offer.

Automatic donut filler

In our offer, you will find two types of donut fillers: automatic and manual. Automatic donut fillers are activated by a proximity sensor and electronically controlled by a panel for setting the filling time. We additionally equipped them with a load clamp, which allows stuffing with light filling, e.g. whipped cream.

The MAGOREX automatic donut filler is made of stainless steel. It also meets all requirements of CE standards. It is made of a stuffer with a cylindrical hopper, a pump, a cylindrical hopper with a clamp and a cover. 

It has several needles made of stainless steel:

  • for stuffing croissants, 4 ways out
  • simple triple, 3 outputs
  • for stuffing tubes, 127 mm long
  • for stuffing donuts, folded 90 degrees
  • for stuffing donuts, simple
  • for dispensing, bent 45 degrees
  • simple double, 2 outputs

Its operation is extremely simple and will certainly save a lot of time with a large production of donuts, not only on Fat Thursday but also in every donut and pastry shop with stuffed sweets.

Do you want to know all its possibilities? Contact our sales department.

Manual donut fillers

Our assortment also includes manual donut fillers, which will be perfect for smaller bakeries. They are small in size, made of solid stainless steel and easy to use – the amount of filling can be adjusted.

MAGOREX manual donut fillers are available in the following versions:

  • on the container,
  • on the bowl,
  • side fillers.

Donut fryers

A well-equipped bakery or confectionery shop must not lack a MAGOREX donut fryer. Our device is distinguished by a simple design and several amenities. In the standard version (182 x 68 x 89 cm), you can fry up to 60 donuts at the same time. The fryer is equipped with electronic temperature control and two sieves and one pressure included.

If standard solutions are not suitable for you, we also offer the production of donut fryers to order. You will choose the dimensions and amenities that will allow you to run your business most effectively. Do you need support? Contact our sales department.

Why is it worth working with us?

Because our products:

  • are created entirely in our machine park – we create the project, carry out the testing, production and make sure that they meet all requirements;
  • comply with CE standards;
  • they are made of high quality materials that guarantee durability for years;
  • are subject to warranty and service;
  • are efficient and ergonomic because we create them based on our knowledge and experience as well as suggestions of our long-term clients.

By choosing MAGOREX as your partner, you get the full support of our sales representatives and specialists, as well as excellent after-sales care, including product service. By placing an order with the manufacturer you get one more convenience – you’ll never worry about spare parts. We manufacture them according to the specifications and so that they perfectly match your device.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your business? Contact us.