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5 February 202015 years at Magorex – interview with Agnieszka Markulak from the sales department

Agnieszka has been serving Magorex clients for 15 years. She knows our product range well and is up to date with new ones. Read the conversation in which Agnieszka reveals why she likes working at Magorex, which our products are most popular and what surprised her at work.

What are you responsible for in Magorex?

I support the national department. I am responsible for contact with clients. I have been working for the company since – if I remember correctly – 2004. I started when the company employed about 60 people, so many things changed during that time (laughs). There was one hall, people changed, later a new hall was created, new employees joined the team.

What are you responsible for in Magorex?

I have mainly phone contact with our clients. We accept orders, issue invoices, sell products. If we have more difficult issues that we cannot handle by phone, then we send our representatives – Jakub and Waldemar. For example, if we need to take measurements or discuss the topic in more detail. Then one of the representatives is directed to the client.

15 years is a long time. What made you stay here so long?

I like my job, I like what I do. There’s also an emotional bond between me and the clients. We have served many of them for a long time and have fun talking to them. Customers can sometimes get on such a friendly foot that our relationship is very nice and pleasant.

Time for a more difficult question. What are the three best-selling products at Magorex?

It all began with a tray, L shaped, and I would put it first. From the very beginning, it is very popular. In addition, transport carts, so-called “Z”, used mainly in bakeries and pastry shops. Closed confectionery sheets in third place. These are our standard products most often ordered.

What surprised you about clients’ orders? Was there any unexpected sale or fail?

At Magorex, we respond to customers’ needs. We listen to what they want and need. So there was a time when we implemented a lift cart for one of them. The cart began to sell well and became a popular commodity, very helpful at work.

An easier question now – what do you do after work? How do you relax after challenges related to working life?

I do yoga, read books, I also like to go out on weekends, spend them actively. I have two children, both adults actually, two daughters (laughs). I also like to devote time to them, we have very good contact with each other.